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The Fleet Feet Laguna Niguel team is comprised of the most passionate individuals in running specialty. Their focus is centered around giving our guests the best possible experience time after time as well as ensuring you achieve your needs in lifestyle, fit, customer service, training and product.

Vinny Marchionni - Owner

Vinny grew up in Yonkers, NY and is a graduate of West Point Military Academy. He served on active duty in the United States Army for 10 years and has been working in the pharmaceutical industry since 1994.  Vinny has always been conscious of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but did not become serious about running until around 2006. Since then, he has completed 4 marathons and uses running to find balance from his work life. In addition to running, Vinny also enjoys practicing yoga, cooking, walking his 2 golden retrievers and spending time with his lovely wife, Kerri.

Kerri Marchionni - Owner

Kerri grew up in the very small town of Ewen, MI. She is a graduate of Michigan State University, and is a Yoga instructor with over 500 hours of training under her belt. Kerri picked up running as a hobby shortly after graduating from college. Having been an athlete most of her life, running was a natural fit. She has completed 10 marathons (2 Bostons!), but really thrives on the dedication and discipline of the training as well as the supportive community she has found in both running and yoga.

Vinny & Kerri have lived all over the U.S., and it was in Chicago in 2008 where they became familiar with Fleet Feet as they were training for their first marathon—it was "love at first FIT".  But it was more than just the shoes; they quickly realized that Fleet Feet sports was a place where you could go to find inspiration and support as well as excellent customer service.  Upon relocating to Raleigh, NC in 2011, Kerri worked at Fleet Feet Raleigh as a FIT specialist and training program coach--she turned her passion of running and building community into a career.  In 2014, they relocated to beautiful Laguna Niguel. They quickly realized the closest Fleet Feet Store was over an hour away, and jumped at the opportunity to introduce the brand to Laguna Niguel and the surrounding areas.    They are grateful for the opportunity to be able to  build a local community that is passionate about health and fitness, and to provide you with the latest footwear, apparel and essentials that will help you to achieve YOUR goals. 


FIT Specialist

Stef grew up in Orange county and she has a passion for running. She started running when she was 12 years old and ever since, she has ran half marathons, cross country, and track. She also enjoys going to the beach and hanging out with friends. She wants to major in engineering and is currently attending Saddleback College. 


FIT Specialist

Connor has lived in California his entire life. He runs cross country and track at San Juan Hills High School and has been a Captain on the Team for the past year.  Connor has been running competitively for the past four years.  He is interested in studying kinesiology and anatomy following his graduation from High School this spring.


FIT Specialist

Dave was born and raised in New Jersey, and was living in suburban Chicago for the past 15 years. Dave and his wife recently moved to southern California for a change of scenery, and a more welcoming environment for their active outdoor lifestyle.

 Dave has been on a journey of change and self-improvement for the last 5 years, beginning with a transition to a plant-based diet. Along the way, he soon picked up running—something which he had never previously enjoyed. The running bug caught hold, and after about a year of this new lifestyle, Dave lost 70 pounds and ran about 20 races of all distances, including the 2012 Chicago marathon. Eager to continue improving, he kept running, training harder, and bringing those marathon times down, eventually earning a Boston Qualifying time and PR of 3:09:46 at the 2014 Philadelphia Marathon. Following that year, Dave fully immersed himself in the world of ultra marathon running, completely falling in love with the trails and the majestic beauty of nature. He has primarily run trail ultra marathons for the last 2 years, including many 50k’s, 50 milers, 100k’s, and even completed three 100 milers (and DNF’d several others, too!). 

Dave enjoys the close friendships that running offers, the positive energy that is a huge part of the running community, and the peaceful serenity that he finds on the trails. 


FIT Specialist

Blenda was born and raised in Mexico city.  She relocated to the US with her husband and family 18 years ago.  She lived in Cincinnati for 13 years, and during that time her son was born.   They relocated to CA 5 years ago.

Blenda began her running journey 2 years ago, as an option to help improve her physical condition after several years of health problems, emotional anxiety and depression. As of today, she has completed 5 half marathons and 1 full marathon!

Never in a thousand years, did she believe that at her age (which she won’t tell you),  she would discover something that she could be so passionate about. Besides the physical benefits, running helps her find herself,  to understand better who she is,  and to realize that she is strong enough to move forward and beat every challenge that comes her way either physically, mentally and/or emotionally. It has been a life saver.  Because of it, she is a more balanced person.

As a result,  Blenda would love to help others discover what running is all about and maybe, just maybe, plant the seed in at least one person so running can change his/her life,  just as it did with her.


FIT Specialist

Brody started running as a member of the cross country and track teams at San Juan Hills High School.  He enjoys running any races from 800m to 5000m.  Brody will be attending Saddleback College this fall where he will continue his running career.  


FIT Specialist
Rachel has been running for nearly 40 years.  She started back in Junior High School, running track with a friend, and eventually earned the honor of "most improved runner" on her high school XC Team.
Since then, Rachel has run countless 5K & 10K races, as well as several half and full marathons, including three Chicago's and one Boston!  She also ran Pikes Peak, an experience that literally took her breath away. 
Running has given Rachel a sense of community and has supported her well-being.  She loves running with a group and looks forward to meeting more runners through the Fleet Feet community.

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