How To Hydrate


We’re nearing the end of May, and that means the heat is here to stay. The first few days of the hot season are sure hard to endure. You may find yourself feeling energy-zapped mid-run, unable to hit your paces or even recover in your usual amount of time. With some proactive, proper hydration, you can make the most of your summer miles. Here’s how:

Start your run hydrated.

Sip water throughout the day, so you start your run in the green. Don’t guzzle water too close to go time, though, or you’ll end up with a sloshing liquid belly. How can you tell if you’re heading out the door at the right hydration level? Well, pee. If you don’t have that much to release, and it’s dark, you’re in the red. If your urine is relatively clear and voluminous, you’re good to go.

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