Preparing for your first Group Run

Buddying up with another runner or a group is a great way to prevent your routine from getting stale, and to explore new running routes that you might not discover by yourself. And when you're running with others, you might go farther and faster than you would on your own. The camaraderie will make the miles so much more enjoyable than they would be solo. Above all, it will help you keep your training on track.

"Having to show up is 90% of accomplishing the goals you set," says veteran marathon coach Gina Simmerling, a nurse based in Boulder, Colorado.

If you've been going solo, joining up for the first time can be scary. Fleet Feet Sports stores offer a variety of training programs for runners of all levels, as well as weekly group runs. Find the Fleet Feet Sports training program that best fits your goals and your location, and follow these tips to make the process a little easier:

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